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    Our core business is conserving natural resources

  • The subjects of sustainability and conserving natural resources are the central features of our company philosophy and directly influence all of REMONDIS' business activities. In over 30 countries all around the world, we promote and advance the efforts being made to sustainably improve living conditions. Environmental, economic and social responsibilities are all very closely entwined.

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The whole world of resource conservation on one website

  • You can tell just how important resource conservation is to us as we have dedicated a whole website to this subject. This website illustrates just how sustainable our company is and also explains what we are doing to make society more aware of issues such as recycling, environmental protection and resource conservation. Moreover, it is full of general facts about sustainability and sustainable development – some of which are presented as downloadable infographics.

    Find out more now at remondis-sustainability.com

Curbing global warming – award-winning processes at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant

  • Learn more at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant

  • REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant is the focal point and the hub of our recycling activities. Each and every day, the people working here look for new solutions and new products that can help conserve our planet’s natural resources and protect the environment. In fact, these activities at the Lippe Plant help reduce carbon emissions by 488,000 tonnes every year. A further positive outcome of cutting CO2 and preserving natural resources: an official award. In 2016, KlimaExpo.NRW – an initiative of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia – named the recycling activities at the Lippe Plant in Lünen as one of the twelve best pioneering projects.

Highlighting the importance of sustainability – all over the world

Sustainable development can only succeed if people think globally and act globally. Which is why we promote subjects such as conserving resources and protecting the environment at international level as well. Examples of such work include the Clean India project, where we are making the most of our technological know-how to combat water pollution in India, and our commitment to developing the recycling sector in the Russian city of Dzerzhinsk, which is considered to be among the ten most polluted places in the world. Besides providing tangible help, we also carry out educational work and back social projects. In Eastern Europe, for example, we have set up educational projects to teach children about environmental issues (based on the RECYCLING PROFESSIONALS programme we developed in Germany) and support diverse cultural and social projects.

It’s well worth keeping the future in mind

  • In 2016, REMONDIS was presented with the GreenTec Award – Germany’s most prestigious environmental prize – in recognition of our innovative and sustainable efforts to conserve and recover the raw material phosphorus, a substance that is vital for all living organisms. We won the award for our patented TetraPhos® process, which we developed ourselves and enables phosphorus to be recovered from sewage sludge ash. All in all, a great endorsement of our work and one that will spur us on to develop further projects. At the end of the day, sustainable development can only flourish if new ideas are continually being found to further protect our environment and natural resources. We are happy to step up to the mark. Every single day. Working for the future.

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