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    REMONDIS’ water cycle: from sourcing and processing water to treating wastewater

  • REMONDIS’ ultimate goal is to deliver a complete package of services – something that is illustrated perfectly by our water division. We can perform every single task that may be required by industrial businesses, local authorities and local inhabitants. From sourcing and producing process and drinking water all the way through to treating wastewater in sewage treatment plants or on site at our industrial customers. And all this accompanied by a wide range of innovations, state-of-the-art processes and customer-oriented services to help preserve our planet’s supplies of water and protect the environment. But why not take a closer look for yourself?!

  • Only 2.5% of the world’s water supplies is suitable as drinking water. Yet another reason for handling this precious resource responsibly

Water in all its facets –
an overview of our services

  • What exactly does our water management division do? The infographic below reveals all – and shows who benefits from which services.


A reliable source – supplying drinking water

  • Water has to undergo a number of different stages before private households can use it as drinking water. First, it must be extracted from reservoirs, deep wells or other sources and then sent to a waterworks so it can be processed. What’s more, a well-functioning network with pumping stations, storage facilities and pipes is needed to transport the water to the consumers. Thanks to our expertise, technology and specialist staff, we are able to operate in all these different areas. Just one example here is the work we perform at waterworks where we run the multi-stage process to transform water into drinking water. This is often carried out as a public private partnership where we are responsible for both the technology and the operations. The result is top quality drinking water and – due to the efficient way we run such businesses – stable water rates for the local residents.

    • Every year, we produce 50 million cubic metres of drinking water around the globe

Made to specification – supplying process water

  • REMONDIS develops and operates facilities to supply fully desalinated water and produces high quality process water for its industrial customers

  • Just as private households need drinking water so, too, do industrial businesses need process water. Such water, though, differs according to the needs of the customers. Some industrial sectors, for example, require fully desalinated water for their production processes. We use special methods to produce water that meets the exact requirements of the sector or – in some cases – of individual companies. As part of this work, we develop, build and operate facilities to supply process water and guarantee the required quality will always be delivered.

Clean wastewater treatment

  • Wastewater is produced by the industrial, public and private sectors. We have the right solution for each and every one – from channelling their wastewater, to treating it, to returning it to the water cycle. And, as our goal is always to make the most of any opportunities that may further benefit people and the environment wherever we can, we often do more than offer perfect wastewater treatment. For example, by pretreating industrial wastewater in anaerobic systems to transform the pollutants in the water into biogas so this can be used to generate electricity.

    Local authorities can also rely on REMONDIS’ expertise. By deploying state-of-the-art mechanical, biological and chemical processes, we ensure that sewage treatment plants are able to turn wastewater back into fresh water. Our portfolio of wastewater management services includes operating wastewater networks from beginning to end, including property drainage systems and ensuring wastewater is channelled into drains and sewers. What’s more, we also inspect, repair and install household connections.

    Across the world, REMONDIS operates 210 sewage treatment plants and a pipe network stretching 6,000 kilometres

    REMONDIS develops and operates facilities to supply fully desalinated water and produces high quality process water for its industrial customers

Material flow management – leading by example

  • Our experience pays dividends – especially for our customers. Over the years, we have developed processes that not only enable all types of wastewater to be treated but also the residual substances in the water to be recycled and put to good use. At the moment, we have certificates showing we can re-use over 270 substances. Here just a few examples.

    • Generating energy from sewage sludge

      • Sewage sludge is the product that is left over at sewage treatment plants after the wastewater has been treated. It is, however, anything but useless. Every year, we collect 2.0 million tonnes of sewage sludge around the world so that we can dry it and transform it into high calorific, environmentally friendly fuel. Using this sewage sludge as a fuel rather than coal cuts carbon emissions by 250,000 tonnes every single year.

      Recovering phosphorus

      • Wastewater not only contains pollutants but some very useful substances as well. A certain amount of phosphorus – the most important substance for all living organisms on our planet – can always be found in wastewater. We have developed a number of different systems that enable this phosphorus to be recovered straight from the wastewater or even from sewage sludge ash. The latter, for example, is achieved by using our patented REMONDIS TetraPhos® process, which won the GreenTec Award in 2016. Already in 2020, the world's first large-scale phosphorus recycling plant was completed in a public-private partnership with the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

      Generating biogas

      • We help our industrial customers to optimise energy management in their plants by making the most of their wastewater. Generating biogas on site at their premises is one very good and very efficient option. We can help them here from start to finish – from drawing up the concept, to building the plant, all the way through to operating it once it is up and running.

      Agricultural use

      • One alternative to incinerating sewage sludge is to use it as a fertiliser. This is always the better option – if the sewage sludge contains only small amounts of heavy metal – as it is more sustainable. Our task here is to examine the sewage sludge carefully so that the best use is selected for the product whilst ensuring all legal regulations are complied with at all times.

First-rate services – covering all aspects of water management

    • Our water management portfolio is rounded off by a wide range of services that allow us to pool together our know-how and experience and create tangible benefits for specific target groups. We have, for example, developed an IT-based service system which local authorities can use to manage and control all their water-related tasks – from gathering data, to managing water rates and charges, all the way through to renovating their municipal water and wastewater networks. Moreover, we offer comprehensive analytical services for local authorities as well as private sector customers such as farmers.

      REMONDIS’ innovations are pointing the way – showing how municipal and industrial water and wastewater can be managed better in the future

    Our staff provide technical and scientific advice that includes microbiological, biological and chemical analyses and sample-taking as well as software that can microscopically analyse activated sludge at sewage treatment plants

Using our expertise in and for companies

Thanks to our partnership models, we are there to help companies whenever and wherever they need us – as well as to take over some of their water management tasks or indeed their complete operations if they so wish. Depending on our customers’ requirements, this support can be kept on an organisational / technological level (operations management model) or cover absolutely all the work involved (operator model). In other words: each company can select the area of REMONDIS’ expertise that they actually need. This helps to take the pressure off their own resources and guarantees an increase in the quality and efficiency of their water management systems.

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