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  • Contact persons

    This section allows for setting, maintenance and sorting of contact persons and general contacts at your department. The contact persons are displayed differently depending on the configuration that is chosen.


    First of all, the sorting, which also affects the output pages, can be set here.

    Departments means that all contact persons are displayed sorted by their departments. The departments have a predefined order, which cannot be changed in this setting. Within a department, the individual contacts can be sorted using the arrow keys at the end of the row or via drag & drop. Contact persons without a departement are sorted at the end of the table. The complete list reflects the order of the contact persons on the output pages.

    Free sorting means that the predefined order of the departments has no effect. If this sorting is selected, all contact persons can be sorted as desired using the arrow keys at the end of the row or via drag & drop. This is then reflected accordingly to the output pages.

    General contacts

    The term "general contacts" includes everything that is not a specific person, but where contact is possible, desirable or necessary. The general contacts are always shown in a separate table and can basically be sorted freely.

    Create / edit contact person

    By clicking on the pencil icon at the end of the line or the green "+" icon at the end of the line or of the page you are able to edit contact person or create a new one. This view is divided into data entry (left) and a live preview with the entered data (right). When using the "+" icon at the end of a line, the new contact person is sorted directly below.

    Category is a possible specification from a fixed selection list. The order of the categories in the selection list also represents the order of the output. If department is left blank, at least a positon or a specification must be specified.

    Position can also be specified. If there is no suitable position, the name can also be entered in the field below (Position - if not in list).

    The contact information fields are self-explanatory. First name, Last name, Telephone and Email are mandatory fields. The fields Telephone, Fax, Mobile and Email adher to an exact format, which is displayed for orientation in the event of an error.

    Specifications are possible identifier that do not fit in the category or position area. As with the positions, new specifications can also be entered here.

    A photo can optionally be uploaded and, if necessary, displayed in the outputs on the websites. If the photo option is activated for a website and the contact person has not provided a photo, a silhouette is displayed.

    Create / edit general contact

    As with the contact persons, the general contacts can also be edited using the edit icon or created using the "+" icons.

    Deviating from the contact persons, some input fields work differently:

    Category Department is only an option for general contacts, as in many cases the name is already the category.

    Title replaces first name and last name.

    Only one of the fields telephone, mobile and email has to be filled.

    There are no specifications and a photo in the general contacts.

    Website display

    Several output variants are available for outputting the contact persons on the websites. The screenshots are from the "Complete location" variant, in which all contact persons and general contacts are displayed.

    First there are two display options for a separator between any lines that may be created (if the loication has a corresponding number of contacts) and the repitition of the category (in the form of a subtitle) for each new line. These options are enabled by default.

    The location has to be selected below. The search field helps with filtering, the location ID is prefixed in each case.

    In the next block there is a row of checkboxes with which you can hide individual datafor the website output. The specifications are initially checked by default.

    If photos are stored with the contact person, they can be used via the option "Show photos?".

    The last two field are used for sorting of contact persons and general contacts. First you can choose between three options:
    a) Sorting as defined in the location tool. In this case, the contact persons and general contacts are listed in the configured sorting in the last field for viewing, but cannot be changed or moved.
    b) Sort general contacts. The contact persons are listed as in a) for viewing according to the configuration, but the general contacts appear in another box below where you can sort them.
    c) Sort all. Contact persons and general contacts are displayed together in a sortable box.

    A few other configuration options for the other website output variants are not visible in the screenshots.

    Variant "Multiple contacts":

    At the top you can divide the output into a 1-, 2- or 3-column display. In most cases, this should be done depending on the partitioning of the surrounding protein container.

    The contacts to be displayed have to be selected below. The selected contacts can also be sorted there.

    Variant "Single contact":

    Under the selection of the location there is the option "Name as title (instead of category)?". This can be useful for general contacts, since the name / designation is usually the department.

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