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  • Contact persons

    This section allows for setting, maintenance and sorting of contact persons at your department. The contact persons are displayed differently depending on the configuration that is chosen.


    First of all, the sorting, which also affects the output pages, can be set here.

    Departments means that all contact persons are displayed sorted by their departments. The departments have a predefined order, which cannot be changed in this setting. Within a department, the individual contacts can be sorted using the arrow keys at the end of the row. The complete list with the tables divided by departments reflects the order of the contact persons on the output pages.

    Free sorting means that the predefined order of the departments has no effect. If this sorting is selected, all contact persons are summarized in a table view and can be sorted as desired using the arrow keys at the end of the row. This is then reflected accordingly to the output pages.

    Create / edit contact person

    By clicking on the pencil icon at the end of the line or the green "+" icon at the end of the page you are able to edit contact person or create a new one. This view is divided into data entry (left) and a live preview with the entered data (right).

    Category is a mandatory field. The order of the categories in the selection list also represents the order of the output.

    Position can also be specified. If there is no suitable position, the name can also be entered in the field below (Position - if not in list).

    Die anderen Felder sind selbsterklärend. Vorname, Nachname, Telefon und E-Mail sind dabei Pflichtfelder, für die Felder Telefon, Fax, Mobil und E-Mail muss zudem ein genaues Format eingehalten werden, das im Fehlerfall zur Orientierung eingeblendet wird.

    The other fields are self-explanatory. First name, Last name, Telephone and Email are mandatory fields. The fields Telephone, Fax, Mobile and Email adher to an exact format, which is displayed for orientation in the event of an error.

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