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REMONDIS launches its innovative app service

Digital waste calendar gives removal dates and locations

Lünen. When will the grey bin be emptied? Where is the nearest recycling centre? Which bottle bank is closest? For the answers to these questions, owners of smartphones need look no further than their mobile. To this end REMONDIS has now extended its comprehensive public service to include a special app service for its customers. Once downloaded, this innovative application provides all the practical information and facts about waste disposal you could wish for.


As regards removal dates, the REMONDIS app tells you the dates for all types of waste - and for your blue, green, grey and yellow bins too. Anyone who tends to forget to take out their containers in time can set a reminder using a special function on their mobile. Clicking on the heading 'Recycling centre' will bring up a selection of locations in the surrounding area. A routing function even makes it possible to get directions to take you straight there. The REMONDIS app also offers convenient services when it comes to bottle banks and paper disposal sites. In addition to their exact location, the app also shows the shortest route to each one.


The user-friendly REMONDIS app can be downloaded for free from the <link http: itunes.apple.com de app remondis>Apple App-Store or <link https: market.android.com>Google Android- Market, ready for use. It is therefore just as suitable for smartphones as for tablet PCs. To personalise the app after download, the user simply has to enter their address. The app is easy to use: All functions can be used intuitively and just in case any support is required, there is an additional Help button available.


During the current preliminary stage, the REMONDIS app is available for the towns of Kreuztal and Sprockhövel, where the system has already proved successful in its pilot phase. Both towns are supervised by REMONDIS Rheinland. As a result, the REMONDIS app is ready for download from the Internet on the <link http: www.remondis-rheinland.de rr buerger home>www.remondis-rheinland.de homepage and in the online app stores. The introduction of this new digital public service on a wider scale is currently being prepared. The plan for the future is to offer the REMONDIS app nationwide.





REMONDIS is one of the world's largest privately owned water and environmental service companies providing services for more than 20 million people. Via its branches and associated companies, REMONDIS is active in 27 countries on 3 continents including China, India, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. REMONDIS employs just under 19,000 people. Around 1,400 employees alone work at the company's Lippe Plant in Lünen, Europe's largest centre for industrial water and recycling services.




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