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REMONDIS expands in the Moscow region with a new joint venture in Naro-Fominsk.

Extensive investments close to the Russian capital.

Lünen, Naro-Fominsk. REMONDIS is continuing to implement its expansion strategy in Eastern Europe. The latest business to be announced is the foundation of its subsidiary, OOO REMONDIS Naro-Fominsk, in the Moscow region. The District of Naro-Fominsk surrounds the Russian capital Moscow; the City of Naro-Fominsk belongs to the Province of Moscow and lies south-west of Moscow close to its borders. REMONDIS is to own a 51% share in the joint venture; the remaining 49% share is owned by the shareholders NIZIT which used to be a municipal company that was set up to implement infrastructure projects in the District of Naro-Fominsk. Today, NIZIT is owned by private investors (75% share) and the Naro-Fominsk district authorities (25%).

To begin with, this former municipal company, with its approx. 120 employees and ca. 50 vehicles, will take over the waste management activities in the District of Naro-Fominsk as part of the newly founded joint venture. One of REMONDIS' first steps will be to invest in new vehicles and Euro bins as well as to introduce the district's first ever separate waste collection system. To achieve this, the 2-tonne system will be supplemented with an additional recycling bin at the container sites. This is the first time that such a system has been used in the district. These measures, however, are only the first step towards achieving a more comprehensive business commitment in the region around Moscow. In the future, REMONDIS is planning to carry out further investments in a sorting plant and a composting plant if they can be justified economically and it has also not ruled out entering the water supply and wastewater treatment sector in the District of Naro-Fominsk. As with other REMONDIS PPP companies, the range of services offered by REMONDIS Naro-Fominsk is to be extended to include street cleaning services, winter services as well as other municipal tasks.

REMONDIS board member, Egbert Tölle, believes that the foundation of REMONDIS Naro-Fominsk is an important step towards further investments in the Russian water and environmental service branch: "Naro-Fominsk is close to the gates of Moscow. Up to 400,000 people, many of them Muscovites, live here. For this reason, Naro-Fominsk is an ideal starting point for REMONDIS to further build up and considerably extend its water and environmental service activities in the Moscow region in the future."


The District of Naro-Fominsk lies close to the south-west city borders of Moscow in the Moscow Oblast which surrounds the City of Moscow. The number of inhabitants living there increases to up to 400,000 during the summer months as many Muscovites have summer homes in the region. The City of Naro-Fominsk, with its 72,000 inhabitants, is the administrative centre and is around 70km from Moscow city centre and 30km from Moscow-Vnukovo Airport. All in all, the district covers an area of 1,929km2. Naro-Fominsk is considered to be an important centre for the textile industry. Furthermore, the city is home to, among others, a plant owned by the packaging manufacturer Rexam (drinks cans), the cosmetics manufacturer AVON as well as the nationally active food producer "Elinar-Broiler", which is one of the largest producers of roasted chicken.

The foundation of the joint venture in the District of Naro-Fominsk is particularly interesting for the company's activities in Russia as it is located so close to the capital city of Moscow. It is possible to serve the Moscow market from this location. From Naro-Fominsk, REMONDIS will be looking in the future to take over waste management services in other districts around Moscow. A total of almost 7 million people live in the area around the Russian capital and a further approx. 12 million people live in the City of Moscow itself. Population figures continue to rise in the districts bordering Moscow - such as Naro-Fominsk. A large number of international companies, which are active in Russia, are located in or close to Moscow and wish to have waste management systems in place that correspond with the standards of their parent companies. REMONDIS will be offering them these services in the future.





REMONDIS is one of the world's largest privately owned water and environmental service providers and serves more than 20 million people. Via its branches and associated companies, REMONDIS is active in 21 European countries, in China, India, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.




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