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REMONDIS Aqua to develop a modernisation concept and take over the treatment of wastewater from AkzoNobel at the Rotterdam Botlek Chemical Park.

AkzoNobel to cooperate with the German company REMONDIS Aqua in the area of wastewater treatment.

Rotterdam. AkzoNobel primarily produces chlorine and chlorine by-products such as caustic lye and hydrochloric acid at its Rotterdam Botlek site. Other companies are also located at the industrial park run by AkzoNobel which use, among others, AkzoNobel's raw materials to produce, e.g. vinyl chloride and herbicides. The wastewater generated by these companies is also treated at the on-site wastewater treatment facility. The make-up of the wastewater is, therefore, very complex and innovative, state-of-the-art technology must be used to treat it. To this effect, REMONDIS Aqua has developed a comprehensive concept to extend the facilities which will lead to an increase in the performance of the existing two-stage treatment process (chemical-physical treatment phase and biological treatment). The wastewater will be fully treated in the facility and discharged directly into the harbour water. The strict levels concerning the purity of the discharged water means a high-performance facility is needed. REMONDIS' concept is based on its RE-BALANCE concept which REMONDIS has developed as a result of its experience of running numerous wastewater treatment facilities. This concept means wastewater can be accepted in a more flexible way and the high level of plant safety can be increased even further. REMONDIS is responsible for both the planning and technical construction work, freeing AkzoNobel from such tasks. By implementing REMONDIS' accredited plant management concept, AkzoNobel now also has access to the company's know-how gained from running numerous industrial wastewater treatment facilities.


The wastewater treatment process is an integral part of the production activities in Rotterdam and must be run in a manner that protects both resources and the environment and achieves the highest possible levels of availability. The technical optimization processes implemented by REMONDIS Aqua and its management of the facility will guarantee that AkzoNobel has access to sustainable and future-oriented wastewater treatment processes. AkzoNobel shall continue to be the owners of the facility.


REMONDIS is a leading international company within the water and environmental service branch. By working together with AkzoNobel in Rotterdam, the company has taken an important step towards extending its activities in the Benelux countries.


The contract has been signed for a long-term period. Wastewater treatment is not one of AkzoNobel's core activities and this was the only location it had carried out such activities in the Netherlands. AkzoNobel's workforce in Rotterdam will not be affected by REMONDIS Aqua taking over the management of the facility.




Background information:
Since its foundation in 1934, REMONDIS AG & Co. KG has developed into a leading international water and environmental services company - based on the solid foundations of a family-run business full of tradition. The company group has more than 480 branches and associated companies in 20 European countries as well as in China, Japan, Taiwan and Australia. Across the world, REMONDIS provides more than 20 million people and many thousands of companies with professional services. REMONDIS Aqua GmbH & Co. KG is a leading German supplier of contracting solutions within industrial water management and has already implemented numerous industrial projects with partners such as MAN, BASF, Henkel, GEA, Saxonia and Deutsche Nickel. Just recently, REMONDIS Aqua has, in particular, enjoyed international growth with wastewater projects in Spain, Poland and Turkey.

AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals produces energy, salt, chlor-alkali and secondary products such as monochloroacetic acid (MCA). The company's products are vital for everyday life - they are used for, among others, producing vehicles, glass, food, high performance plastics, pharmaceuticals and textiles. Industrial Chemicals employs around 1,900 people at its sites in Rotterdam, Hengelo and Delfzijl in the Netherlands, Skoghall in Sweden, Ibbenbüren, Bitterfeld and Frankfurt in Germany, Mariager in Denmark, LeMoyne in the USA and Taixing in China.
Europe's largest chlorine factory is located in Rotterdam which produces chlorine and caustic lye from salt using highly efficient and eco-friendly membrane electrolysis technology.




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