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REMONDIS acquires BVBA Vervoer Depoorter in Ostend

Network continues to grow in Belgium

Lünen, Ostend. REMONDIS has taken over the Belgian family-run recycling business, BVBA Vervoer Depoorter, with retroactive effect from 01.10.2015. BVBA Vervoer Depoorter is based in Ostend in the province of West Flanders, one of the fastest-growing regions in Belgium and home to many SMEs.


Thanks to this acquisition of Depoorter, REMONDIS has succeeded in extending its presence in the west of Belgium, one of Europe’s growth regions with important ties to the global market thanks to its international ports in Ostend and Zeebrugge. This takeover will enable REMONDIS to significantly expand its operations in the commercial waste market in Belgium. The family-run company from Germany sees this latest acquisition as being a long-term investment in creating a more sustainable future for the whole of the region.


In 2015, Depoorter collected and processed around 80,000 tonnes of recyclables so they could be sent on for materials recycling or for thermal treatment. REMONDIS is also taking over the company’s 31 employees as well as all of its vehicles and facilities. Depoorter leads the local market when it comes to commercial waste, mixed construction waste and container services. Plans are to expand Depoorter’s catchment area to include the coastal regions. Moreover, REMONDIS is looking to considerably extend its operations in the areas of collecting and treating commercial waste, paper/card/cardboard, waste wood and garden waste as well as to increase the number of public sector contracts handled by the firm. The previous owners will continue to help develop the business with Mr Stefaan Pillen and Mr Mark Depoorter having been appointed managing directors of the company.




Werner Hols, a managing director at REMONDIS, underlined the importance of this acquisition for the company: “Thanks to its location and its well-developed infrastructure, Belgium is an important growth region within Western Europe and this is particularly true for the province of West Flanders. We are delighted with the acquisition of Depoorter as it will enable us to further promote innovative growth and help create a more sustainable economy in the Benelux countries.”


BVBA Vervoer Depoorter (Depoorter) is a family-run business based in Ostend, a city with 70,000 inhabitants situated on the North Sea coast in the Belgian province of West Flanders. Founded by Michel Depoorter in 1986, the company primarily focuses on collecting commercial and municipal waste as well as offering container services. Depoorter employs a total of 31 people (including its management team) and is run by the founder’s three sons. In 2015, Depoorter recycled approx. 80,000 tonnes of waste and generated a turnover of a good 5 million euros.


REMONDIS is one of the world's largest privately owned recycling, service and water companies and provides services to around 30 million people. The Group has branches and associated companies in 33 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Founded in 1934, this family-run business has a workforce of over 32,000 employees and an annual turnover of 6 billion euros (2015). REMONDIS focuses on developing partnerships to implement novel and forward-looking concepts and ideas to help conserve our raw material and water supplies for future generations.






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