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Public Private Partnership with the Industrial City of Saporoshje

REMONDIS founds the largest public private partnership (PPP) in the Ukraine

Saporoshje/Lünen. REMONDIS is expanding within the area of waste disposal and recycling in Eastern Europe. On 15.08.2007, REMONDIS founded a PPP with the City of Saporoshje and the firm, OLF Ltd, in the Ukraine, the country with the largest surface area in Europe. Together with the municipal company run by the City of Saporoshje (around 900,000 inhabitants) and the private business, Olf Ltd., REMONDIS will in the future be active in the city of Saporoshje with its PPP company, "REMONDIS Saporoshje GmbH".

Only just recently, REMONDIS took over the activities of the OTTO Group in Hungary with its PPP companies with the result that it has become one of the largest companies active within the field of environmental services in Hungary. In Poland, REMONDIS is the market leader. REMONDIS board member, Egbert Tölle, commented: "PPPs have proven to be extremely successful in achieving sustainable growth, especially in the up-and-coming Eastern European countries!"

Saporoshje is located in the east of the Ukraine, around 500km away from Kiev, and lies on the river Dnjepr. The city is home to both heavy industry as well as the automobile, aluminium and chemical industries. A variety of products are manufactured here including aircraft engines, agricultural machinery and motor vehicles (ZAZ). The Ukraine's largest central hydroelectric power plant is also located near Saporoshje on the river Dnjepr.

The PPP company, REMONDIS Saporoshje, employs more than 300 people and has over 180 vehicles and pieces of machinery to collect residual and industrial waste, recyclable waste and faecal matter as well as for the city's green areas, for cleaning the streets and for providing a road-clearing service during the winter. REMONDIS holds a majority 51 % share in the joint company, and the municipal and private partners each hold a 24.5 % share. The company already has numerous waste collection contracts with companies, residential property management firms and public institutions.

Besides this, REMONDIS Saporoshje also runs the municipal landfill site. Future tasks for the company include modernizing the logistics systems and building two sorting plants, a composting plant and a landfill in accordance with Western European standards.

Being the country's sixth-largest city, Saporoshje and its environmentally friendly waste management system will be acting as a role model for the whole of the Ukraine. For this reason, REMONDIS is expecting this to lead to further PPP companies being founded in the Ukraine.

Before signing the joint venture contract, the mayor of Saporoshje, Yevgen G. Kartashov, and the owner of the firm Olf, Sergej Olschansky, had travelled to Germany to learn more about the public private partnership model and about REMONDIS' high-performance record. Together they visited the successful REMONDIS PPPs in the cities of Frankfurt and Oberhausen. REMONDIS welcomes these steps towards privatization in the Ukraine and will, in the future, as a result of innovative competition be making important contributions to the environmental targets of protecting the climate and delivering sustainable raw materials in the Ukraine.
As the cities of Hamburg, Munich and Berlin have not yet allowed private partners to participate in such projects, Saporoshje is the largest PPP involving REMONDIS, ahead of cities such as Frankfurt, Stettin, Posen, Düsseldorf and Oberhausen.




Background information:
With its 17,000 employees, REMONDIS is one of the world's largest privately run water and environmental service companies providing services for around 20 million people. REMONDIS has branches and shares in other companies in 21 European countries as well as in China, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.




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