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Process water - challenge for the industry

Contracting model as a solution for process water treatment

Lünen. Strong competition combined with legislative requirements is forcing many companies in the metal and automotive industry to continually optimise their process water treatment.  For reasons of efficiency and economy, companies often prefer to delegate this issue to a competent partner rather than using their own resources.  REMONDIS Aqua has proved its competence in the field of process water treatment through numerous ground-breaking projects. At an expert conference of the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management at the University of Witten, which was supported and technically guided by REMONDIS, industry water experts exchanged views and made contacts for the future.


Participants included Karl Haase, Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH in Witten, who highlighted the importance of cost and resource-efficient process water treatment for the metal and automotive industries as a whole; Dr. Paul Lodde, partner at the Harnischmacher - Löer - Wensing law firm in Münster, who discussed the possible liability consequences of the updated German Water Resources Act (WHG); and Dipl.-Ing. Josef Robert from the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology in Oberhausen, who gave a comprehensive overview of the current state of technology and new trends in the treatment process. The practical side of successfully implemented concepts for efficient and resource-saving process water treatment was presented in the lectures delivered by Dipl.-Ing. Jens Schelp from MAN Truck & Bus AG in Munich and Dr. Bruno Schwab, formerly of Ruhr-Zink GmbH in Datteln. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Gerhard Simon from REMONDIS Aqua demonstrated the possibility of optimising process water treatment as part of a contracting model. The particular advantage of this variant is that the production facility can opt to delegate the risks associated with technology selection, construction and operation to a competent service provider and, on the basis of these guarantees, clearly plan the costs of their wastewater treatment over a long-term period. The concluding lecture by Dipl.-Kfm. Marcus Lodde from the Effizienz-Agentur NRW in Duisburg included very helpful information on how companies can customise the extensive support programmes available for process water treatment projects..


In the field of industrial process water treatment, REMONDIS has plenty of national and international experience with its successfully implemented contracting projects. These have employed modern technology such as membrane processes, ultrafiltration and chemo-physical procedures as well as measures to optimise the production management and establishment of REMONDIS's own water pollution control. These projects have been for such well-known clients as MAN Truck & Bus AG, Deutsche Nickel GmbH, BASF Coatings in Münster, Pilkington Automotive, and AkzoNobel in Rotterdam as well as companies from the food sector, including the Valensina Group, DMK Deutsches Milchkontor and Lorenz Snack-World. As part of our activities in India, REMONDIS Aqua operates the process water treatment for the TATA Group, Volkswagen and Lanxess, among others. In Valencia, Spain, REMONDIS takes care of the recovery of energy from the production wastewater of the WILD Valencia plant. The energy stored in the wastewater can be recovered and used as biogas. The biogas directly benefits production as it is used to substitute municipal gas requirements.




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