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NRW Minister President Rüttgers visits the Lippe Plant.

Official opening of REMONDIS Aqua's new head office in Lünen.

Lünen. Dr Jürgen Rüttgers, Minister President of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), visited the REMONDIS Lippe Plant in Lünen on Monday, 12 July. The occasion was the official opening of REMONDIS Aqua's new head office. Together with the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Environment, Ursula Heinen-Esser, Unna district administrator, Michael Makiolla, the mayor of the city of Lünen, Hans Wilhelm Stodollick, and the managing directors of RE-MONDIS Aqua, Ludger Rethmann and Andreas Bankamp, Minister President Dr Rüttgers cut the red ribbon officially opening REMONDIS Aqua's new head office.

Since the beginning of the nineties, the site of the former aluminium plant in Lünen has been transformed into something completely new thanks to the initiative of a North Rhine-Westphalian, privately owned family business which has achieved this change with a great deal of energy, high level of responsibility and an exemplary willingness to invest in the site. Over the years, it has changed from being a site for waste management to being a location for genuine recycling activities, for recovering raw materials for the state's economy, a production site for new high quality products made from recycled materials as well as the headquarters of one of the fastest growing service companies within the European water management sector.

Minister President Dr Rüttgers and REMONDIS Board Chairman Ludger Rethmann both agreed that - in view of the fact that Germany has so few natural resources of its own - it is particularly important both for the country and especially for NRW that more and more raw materials are recovered from local waste to continue to be able to guarantee supplies to the country's export-oriented economy. REMONDIS' Lippe Plant demonstrates in an impressive manner just what the water and environmental service branch is already able to achieve. The site in Lünen clearly shows that practically all types of waste can be used to recover secondary raw materials, energy and heat. Thanks to this innovation, REMONDIS has made and is still making an important contribution towards the successful structural changes being carried out in North Rhine-Westphalia. With its activities in the raw material economy and environmental protection, REMONDIS is not only helping to keep the state clean in the true sense of the word. REMONDIS has also created many new jobs in this future-oriented market. Many countries are now looking at the success in NRW and wish to implement this successful future-oriented water and environmental service model them-selves - also with REMONDIS' help. As a result, the water and environmental service economy has become a new export hit for Germany. REMONDIS Aqua's new head office at the Lippe Plant in Lünen is an example of this positive development.


The site itself, however, also shows the future of the company. Energy is produced here, water processed and recycling activities carried out. Further growth is to be generated in all these areas. Growth needs new space. And with this in mind, the new head office, which is focusing on the water management sector, has now been officially opened by Minister President Dr Jürgen Rüttgers.




Background information

The RETHMANN group employs a total of approx. 40,000 people.  
1,289 of these are trainees and apprentices. The three sister companies of the RETHMANN Group, REMONDIS, RHENUS and SARIA, can, therefore, be found among those companies offering the highest number of vocational places in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


REMONDIS employs approx. 18,800 people.
1,400 people alone are employed at the Lippe Plant in Lünen.


REMONDIS' water management division, the REMONDIS Aqua Group, which owns the new head office, employs 1,500 people.
150 people work in the state-of-the-art offices in REMONDIS Aqua's newly opened head office, which was built according to the principle of sustainability and also contains recy-cled construction materials produced by the company itself.

REMONDIS provides water management services for over 9.5 million people.
Distribution of drinking water amounts to more than 32 million m3/a.
REMONDIS operates drinking water networks covering more than 3,400km.
REMONDIS is responsible for treating more than 330 million m3 of municipal wastewater per year.
Its network of facilities includes more than 30 sewage treatment plants in Germany and over 100 sewage treatment plants abroad as well as sewerage networks covering more than 3,000km.


REMONDIS is one of the world's largest privately owned water and environmental service providers and serves more than 20 million people. Via its branches and associated companies, REMONDIS is active in 21 European countries, in China, India, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.


REMONDIS Aqua GmbH & Co. KG is the leading German provider of contracting solu-tions within industrial water management and has already implemented numerous industrial projects with partners such as MAN, BASF, Henkel, etc. Recently, REMONDIS Aqua has, in particular, enjoyed international growth with wastewater projects in Spain, Poland, India, Russia and Turkey and today already provides water management services for over 9.5 million people.




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