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EKO-PUNKT supports BDE initiative for a dual system quality certificate.


Lünen. EKO-PUNKT GmbH is one of the first dual system operators to sign the "Zertifikat zur Sicherstellung der privatwirtschaftlich organisierten haushaltsnahen Verpackungsentsorgung durch Duale Systeme" [Certificate to safeguard the kerbside collection of sales packaging organized by private sector dual system operators] which was initiated by the 'Bundesverband der Deutschen Entsorgungs-, Wasser- und Rohstoffwirtschaft e.V.' (BDE [Federal Association of the German Waste Management Industry]). By doing so, EKO-PUNKT is expressly showing its support for the initiative of this branch association. Together with REMONDIS, EKO-PUNKT has been strongly committed right from the start to creating a quality assurance system for the dual system in Germany and abroad. EKO-PUNKT is, among other things, a founding member of the BDE's 'dual system work group'. Being the instigator of the www.verpackv-konkret.de website, EKO-PUNKT played a leading role in the initiative to create a quality assurance system for the implementation of the German Packaging Ordinance. To push forward its own quality offensive, EKO-PUNKT commissioned a study to be carried out by the research firm, Gesellschaft für Verpackungsmarktforschung (GVM), and is the specialist for the collection and recycling of sales packaging at REMONDIS, Germany's largest water and environmental service company.


In response to the continued increase in volumes of material 'disappearing' from the market, which can only be put down to fraudulent intent, EKO-PUNKT is the first and as yet only dual system to react and file a legal complaint. "We are continuing to fight for quality. We do, therefore, expressly welcome the BDE's initiative and were one of the first systems to sign the agreement," commented Herwart Wilms, managing director of EKO-PUNKT GmbH.
The BDE came to an understanding with the majority of dual system operators to introduce this certificate in order to strengthen over the long term the collection of sales packaging in Germany, a proven system that has been built up over the last 20 years and carried out under the aegis of the private sector, as well as to ensure sustainability and fair competitive conditions.
The association's quality assurance offensive is a reaction to a GVM study commissioned by the BDE which has identified numerous weak points in the implementation of the 5th amendment to the German Packaging Ordinance. According to the BDE and the dual systems working in accordance with the law, the expected "disappearance" of licensed recycling volumes will jeopardize the financing of the Packaging Ordinance. With an overwhelming consensus of the majority of responsible system operators, the "Zertifikat zur Sicherstellung der privatwirtschaftlich organisierten haushaltsnahen Verpackungsentsorgung durch Duale Systeme" [Certificate to safeguard the kerbside collection of sales packaging organized by private sector dual system operators] was drawn up and secured by contract.

The aim of the certificate is to ensure consistently high ecological and business standards for both the companies placing sales packaging onto the market as well as for all approved dual system operators across Germany. The certificate strengthens legal compliance and ensures that the correct volumes of material are registered in accordance with the stipulations of the Packaging Ordinance.


Those using the certificate, which comes into force at the beginning of 2011, have agreed to have their operations permanently monitored by an independent third party to ensure they are complying with the regulations of the Packaging Ordinance. This involves, in particular, the planned and actual recycling volumes registered. A committee of experts is to be set up which will work closely together with independent auditors and which will independently support the work of the auditors from the perspective of approved environmental experts. Each participating company shall provide a security in case it discontinues the operation of its dual system prematurely. If a system operator violates one or more of the certificate's criteria, then it must pay a fine amounting to 3.5 million euros.


EKO-PUNKT managing director Herwart Wilms: "The dual system in Germany has proven to be a guarantee for the effective and environmentally friendly collection and recycling of sales packaging and has been used as a role model for systems in around 26 other countries. The BDE initiative is the right instrument to create sustainable quality assurance for the collection and recycling of packaging and an important step with regard to the legal structure of the work carried out between the dual system operators, the companies placing the packaging onto the market and those companies commissioned with carrying out the collection and recycling services. We are, therefore, calling for all dual system operators to join this initiative."




Background information:
EKO-PUNKT GmbH is a company belonging to the REMONDIS Group.
REMONDIS has many years' experience of setting up and operating take-back systems. Across Europe, EKO-PUNKT organises the take-back of several 100,000 tonnes of packaging materials every year. The material is processed and any recyclable materials recovered and fed back into the economic cycle.  
Internationally active manufacturers and distributors are particularly interested in finding cross-border solutions on the European market. EKO-PUNKT has access to an international network and is continuously working on extending its services throughout Europe. Its services range from organising nationwide waste collection logistics, to processing such materials and marketing secondary raw materials, to documenting waste streams. In Germany, EKO-PUNKT's services are available to all manufacturers and distributors of sales packaging.




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