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Eco-friendly wastewater management for Gläserne Molkerei.


Upahl. REMONDIS Aqua GmbH & Co. KG has recently been commissioned with two new wastewater projects from the dairy business, Gläserne Molkerei GmbH. On the one hand, REMONDIS Aqua is to set up a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility to treat the company's production wastewater at its site in Münchehofe and, on the other hand, REMONDIS Aqua will also be responsible for the long-term running of the facility.


Gläserne Molkerei is a subsidiary of Gläserne Meierei GmbH, a company based in Upahl in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


Gläserne Meierei GmbH has been processing organic milk from the north-east of Germany into organic dairy products since 2001. One of the company's main philosophies is to create a sustainable business in harmony with nature and by doing so produce high quality foods in an eco-friendly manner. Being a producer of organic goods, Gläserne Meierei GmbH puts great importance on achieving on-going transparency for all its production methods.

It was, therefore, the first ever company in Europe to fulfil the standards of the US American NOP (National Organic Program) which are stricter than those laid down by the EU. Gläserne Meierei was awarded the Innovation Prize for Organic Food Processing by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection in recognition of this achievement.

The production plant that is being set up at the company's Münchehofe location (between Berlin and Cottbus) is also unique. The business is not simply a production plant but also a show plant ("gläsern" is the German word for "transparent") allowing visitors to see how dairy products - and especially cheese - are made. By considerably extending the plant's capacity, all organic milk produced in the Spreewald region will be able to be processed at the Münchehofe site.

REMONDIS Aqua has developed a concept that makes it possible to fully treat the production wastewater and achieve direct discharger quality. The first step involves special filtration technology combined with a modern flotation system in order to remove primary fatty materials from the wastewater. The subsequent biological treatment along the lines of SBR technology (Sequencing Batch Reactor) then eliminates the organic contents of the nutrients in the wastewater.

REMONDIS Aqua GmbH & Co. KG is Germany's leading supplier of industrial contract solutions within the field of industrial water management. It works with many well-known names within the food industry carrying out successful projects with, for example, the Humana Group, Lorenz Snack World and the Wild Group.

REMONDIS Aqua is also active in other industrial fields working together with partners such as BASF, Henkel and MAN.

REMONDIS Aqua GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of REMONDIS AG & Co. KG, one of the world's largest privately owned water and environmental service companies. REMONDIS Aqua has been running the company group's water activities for more than 30 years and has proven to be an expert partner for both local authorities and the industry.




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