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443 new apprentices begin their working lives.

SARIA, Rhenus and REMONDIS offering apprenticeships on a grand scale.

Holzwickede/ Selm/ Lünen, 13.08.2008. At the beginning of August, 443 young people joined REMONDIS and its sister companies, SARIA and Rhenus to begin an apprenticeship. A total of 620 apprentices are currently training at REMONDIS, 203 of whom are new to the company this year; Rhenus has a total of 574 apprentices including 227 new entries and SARIA 52 apprentices with 13 new members. All in all, the company group currently has 1,246 apprentices who are at various stages of their courses and learning the necessary skills for their professional lives.

The fact that the three sister companies, REMONDIS, Rhenus and SARIA, offer more than 1,200 apprenticeship places means that, once again, they are one of the leading training establishments both in and outside the region. On 01 August, 51 new apprentices were invited, as representatives of the 443 young people starting an apprenticeship this year, to visit REMONDIS' head office in Lünen where they were welcomed by REMONDIS board member, Bernhard Heiker, the chairman of the company's works committee, Wolfgang Steinberg, as well as Herbert Jahn, head of plant safety.
The company group offers apprenticeships for 44 different professions - from the fields of chemical technology, motor technology and environmental technology, to commerce and IT, to electronics and industrial metal engineering to logistics and craftsmanship skills. This wide variety mirrors the changes that have been taking place within the sector moving from simple waste management to providing environmental services and closing material life cycles: materials that were, in the past, considered to be waste are now seen as an important source of secondary raw materials. Highly qualified employees are now needed to run the state-of-the-art logistics, sorting and recycling technology. Well trained laboratory technicians and process engineers are in high demand and have long-term prospects within the water and environmental service sectors. Energy technology and thermal recycling are also continuing to grow in importance. And the demand for engineers and international experts is increasing. Thanks to the training facilities and courses they provide, REMONDIS, Rhenus and SARIA are making an important contribution to ensuring that young people become qualified experts for the market of the future.




The Company Group

Rhenus is one of the leading suppliers of integral logistics services in Europe. With its 14,000 employees and a network of 230 locations in 36 countries, this logistics company draws up and implements innovative and comprehensive concepts for its customers.

The companies owned by SARIA Bio-Industries AG & Co. KG primarily provide services for the agricultural and food industries. Such services range from disposing of animal carcasses to recycling abattoir by-products, by-products from the fish industry and food waste to producing biofuels and biogas.
SARIA has just under 3,400 employees and 95 locations in 8 countries and is the largest family-owned business in this sector in Europe.

REMONDIS is one of the world's largest privately run water and environmental service companies and provides services for more than 20 million people. REMONDIS employs 18,600 people and has branches in 20 European countries as well as in China, Japan, Taiwan and Australia. 




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