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Materialflow management from REMONDIS Trade and Sales.

Paper products are everyday objects. Each person living in Germany uses 250 kilograms of paper every year.

The globalization of the economy and trade activities is making the task of controlling material flows more and more complex. What is needed are cleverly thought-out management processes that unite the ecological and economic interests of waste producers and buyers of recyclables in the best possible way. REMONDIS Trade and Sales is an international specialist in this field of business.




Experts for global markets

Our core activity is marketing old paper. Each year, REMONDIS Trade and Sales deals with around 2,500,000 tonnes of this important raw material. Approximately 500,000 tonnes of the total volume are exported, for the paper market is based on an international structure. And, as an ever increasing amount of old paper is being collected separately and sorted, so the volume of the material to be marketed is increasing more and more. We shall, therefore, continue to extend our trade in paper and cardboard – especially in the Asian regions.


A strong branch


The German paper industry is the market leader in Europe. Worldwide, Germany is in fourth place behind the USA, China and Japan.


A sought-after material


Using old paper not only makes good ecological sense but it also makes very good business sense. This fact is driving demand, especially in the Asian threshold countries.

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