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Specialists for difficult tasks.

High quality industrial services from the Buchen Group.

The Buchen Group has become an indispensible partner for refineries as well as for chemicals businesses and heavy industry. We coordinate all our activities from our head office in Cologne.

A particular burden of responsibility lies on many companies. Uncompromising safety standards are needed wherever business activities involve sewage networks, storage tanks, catalytic converters or chemical and nuclear plants. REMONDIS has, therefore, established Buchen as a strong partner and experienced specialist in this field, especially for large and heavy industries. With its three divisions and more than 2,300 employees, the company provides highly specialized services across Europe in the fields of industrial services, recycling and remediation work.




Services that create confidence

Our hallmark is uniting individual advice with solutions to problems that satisfy all requirements. The 50+ years of experience of individual cleaning services has created a very special basis of trust between the company and its customers: for, the Buchen Group not only guarantees the highest possible levels of safety when inspecting and cleaning industrial facilities, power plant components, tank systems and catalytic converters. Its know-how in the area of remediation work also opens up long-term optimization opportunities.




Proven management concepts

Despite offering a very varied range of full service solutions, we always ensure the company’s primary goal is implemented in the same uniform manner wherever the work is carried out: namely, all services must satisfy the highest standards of our integrated management system. It unites the strictest legal norms for quality and environmental management with perfection, which we always strive to achieve as market leader in our branch. For, this is the only way to achieve the best levels of sustainability which are not only economically but also ecologically and socially sound.

Expertise for the future


Pooled knowledge: in 2008, the Buchen Group opened up a central training centre in Schwedt in the German state of Brandenburg.


And if there is a crisis:


Our 24-hour emergency management system ensures dangerous situations are dealt with quickly.

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